Brilliant @blythburgh belly & one veg

The last of the use up food prior to our adventures.. 

A wonderful piece of @blythburgh belly .. Scored as fine as possible with my scouts knife.  (Was actually in the woodcraft folk).. 


Skin side rubbed with Thyme and salt.. 

The under side has a mix of crushed fennel seeds, pinch of cumin, dill , marjoram, mint, oregano , mustard seeds and salt..

 Adding some Italian honey also, this almost a porchetta style thing..delicious smelling already! 


Rolled up and tied up ..

 Into a hot oven to start the process.. Then turned down to 170 real degrees and left alone for three hours.. 

And wahh-lahhh 

Simple lovely new potatoes from Lincolnshire , 


Tossed in butter, seasoning and fresh parsley.. 

That’s the one veg! 


Just some New Orleans sauce.. 

And lovely left overs for a Scooby snack on board .. And to bribe a neighbour to put the trash out next week! 


Great eating!  (Check out that crispy skin!).. 

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