Happy shanksgiving 

Didn’t know what to call this until my pal across the pond in sunnier climes suggested it! There we go.. Happy ‘shanksgiving’.. Love it’

It takes a while and start off with some great shoulder shanks.. These are probably best known these days for being served in pubs in a Rosemary or mint gravy.. A vac pack phenomenon!

The legs have much more meat on them yet get ahold of a few of these and you have more than enough meat included! 

First fry them off .. Not all over as my good friend Rory kelly advises..


And a curry gravy made from lots of onions cooked right down.. Garlic and ginger paste .. And the usual line up of spices.. Think cumin, fenugreek, salt, chilli , coriander, turmeric, musk melon, mango powder.. And some more.. 

And whipped natural yoghurt..

That alone is a superb base for any meat or fish.. Veggies too!

Yet this is all about the lamb..

Pop the shanks in.. And cook them for three hours with a cartouche on top then the lid on a Dutch oven.. 

They look like this!

Leave that overnight.. Not in the fridge just in a ‘safe’ temperature ahem.. Cough cough.. 😉

Then reheat it all again.. Taking the re-warmed shanks out first. See how they have changed colour? 


Thicken the gravy.. I used potatoe  flour granules.. They are great as no flavour.. And no gluten? ( is that right?)


Ok a bit of fresh coriander would have looked great on this!

To go with..

Breads of course! And a chopped salad mixed with chaat masala. Plus some leftover mint yoghurt thingy..

Take the flour.. A mix of atta flour and Chinese self raising.

 Warm hand hot water to take it first to crumbs


Then into a dough..

Rolled out into rounds.. 


And expertly cooked by Mrs Fitz..

 Flip them when they bubble on one side..


Rubbed with a little butter.. And wrapped in a tea towel to keep warm as they cook through..

 That meat is so so tender ..


You could eat it with no teeth.. 😁 

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  1. Hope the two you have a really good holiday.x

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