Sausage rolls

Pats tomahawks 

Having our lovely godson helping us on the food trucks and generally being a complete and utter star! He decided to treat us to some tomahawk steaks.. good lad! For those that want to know tomahawk steak equals freakin awesomeness… Read More ›

Sausage rolls

So it’s Friday… Mrs Fitz liked Friday Its a significant day in many religions as well as signifying the end of the week… Friday always feels good! and think if the advertising campaigns that are bully around Friday’s “thank Crunchie… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz Birthday

Tomorrow is Mrs Fitz Birthday.. So instead of the usual buying of cake we gone a little further.. this is for her work colleagues.. All our own hard working! Stuffed peppers.. with cream cheese.. ‎ olives.. feta.. fresh falafel.. brushetta… Read More ›

Cheaty? Meaty ,Sausage rolls

Gotta love sausage rolls for sunday breakfast, its got it all.. Things you really shouldn’t eat only for breakfast.. X So: easy cheaty meaty sausage rolls.. Get good quality sausages.. These were a great purchase at my favorite store.. A… Read More ›