Sausage rolls a classic !

sausage rolls.. Proper ones.. Well ok you can get all fancy pants on the things .. I have seen some in a store that are not only the price of pint of beer yet have some truly ‘funky’ flavourings! Sorry if you do want pickle , chorizo or black pudding in them.. ( and that’s only the start! ).. 

I like em with a low meat content sausage.. I think it works better.. And of course making your own sausage meat means you are in control of the meat at least! No weird pinky paste here chaps! 

The addition of extra sage, coriander and chopped garden chives .. And a good grating of black pepper.. 

The pastry.. Shop bought puff this time around.. It’s good though.. 


Rolled out pasty.. Pretty thin yet not transparent..

 A good wodge of the meat.. 

And painted with the most fantastic yellowy eggs.. Check out the colour of things.. 


Chopped into nice pieces and dusted with a little fine semolina .. Just a little..

Cooked in a hot oven.. Try to resist peeking at them! 


I like mine piping hot with a drop of tommy K..  Although cold they are lovely too! 


A perfect brunch snack.. And of course an excellent picnic treat.. 

Or just snaffle em.. 

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  1. Saved for a later day, these look amazing!

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  2. These sound amazing as a meal or appetizer!

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  3. Oh man, I could eat a pile of those right now! Yum!

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