Ramen noodles supper

i really like ramen.. Haven’t had it for ages .. I follow @kintonramen on the Twitter.. Their ramen looks the business.. Problem is they are based in Canada .. Umm and I am not.. 

So make I had to make my own.. 

I made this Chinese style loin of pork.. Simply Chinese red pork (no nasties) powder .. Some star anise and tamari for extra flavour.  Roasted in the oven.. 

And a collection of bits.. 


You can see it all right there.. 

Boiled the noodles.. These are really good as they are steamed not fried.. 

Adding everything else.. 

 And finally topping with the boiled egg and the coriander.. ( yes it’s real name is indeed coriander.. Hehehe..).. 


Delicious yet more ‘slurp’ needed..  

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6 replies

  1. absolutely my favorite thing!


  2. This looks almost as good as our normal ramen shop, where Big Tony lets us cut the line and I always leave with a doggie bag…I’m impressed you can recreate at home!

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  3. I love just about any kind of asian-inspired noodle dishes. You show how easy it is to throw something fabulous together!

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