Three hour belly pork , sweet potatoes & homebutter corns

Belly pork .. Possibly the best part of the piggie.. Seriously.. Well cooked belly is yummy for your tummy .. 

Easy as too!

Take a great piece of antibiotic free roamed and snuffled blahdy blahdy blah.. Pork.. It really matters for the taste and fat.. People often think that belly is fatty.. And it sure can be..  This way of cooking makes sure that it gets rendered out.. While adding flavours to the veg underneath .. ( more about that in a mo..)..  It has also been boned .. The butcher will do that for ya.. Keep the bones though.. As you are paying for them anyways!

So the pork that has been super scored .. Not in a hack away fashion yet in a pretty precise way.. The is reason behind this madness.. ☝

This is the flip side.. Coated in Cajun spices.. 


The turn it over and rub thyme and salt into it.. Trying to get some into the scores..


Leave that in the fridge for a while uncovered .. The salt will draw out moisture and also season the rind and some of the meat.. 

Then heating the oven to 230 real money degrees .. 

The pork straight onto the bars.. Oven OCD’ers look away! 


After twenty minutes and opening the back doors to get the smoke straight out! Ahem.. 

Turn it down to 150.. 

After an hour .. Take out the fat and juices that will have dropped onto the tray you hopefully remembered to pop underneath..and pour it away.. Or keep it.. Up to you its your choice..

Then add the sweet potatoes underneath and cook for the remaining two hours.. They go super squishy and delicious.. 


Don’t worry about that black stuff it’s just good gloop..

Then turn the oven back up! For about ten minutes to crisp up that rind.. 

In the meantime get chef ping to cook some corns.. The frozen ones are excellent.. 

Adding home made butter and some seasonings.. I suggest smuggled chilli and lime powder from the state of Mexico.. 😉


We are dining Al fresco ..


Me Wentworth finds this very interesting.. Cora Murley knows that looking sweet in her bed is the best way to get given first dibs on tidbits!

 Do you know what the missed? 


A drop of nandos sauce ( I love the way that iPhone changes that to ‘bandits’ on spell checker! ).. 

That pork.. Great.. Juicy.. Moist .. Crispy … All the making of a wonderful porky pleasure.. 


And the best thing? 


Now this is where those tight scored lines come into play.. 

Cut with a butter knife .. 


And fried off..

Into a bowl of ramen for lunch.. 


I forgot to do a soft boiled egg.. Pity.. Yet this ramen with a miso soup base rocked!  

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