Mutton curry thingy … ( it’s got lots in and travelled the world of flavours.. 

I had this great leg of excellent mutton from redborne school farm.. 

Check the price out! 


Brilliant huh? 

So what to do.. ( yeah ok so the title of the post gives it away somewhat huh? 😉).. 

Looked at various old classics.. Caper sauce and the like.. 

Went for a mutton curry.. 

It started like this.. 

Pink onions , carrots , ginger and garlic ..fried off ..

 Adding dried fenugreek, turmeric, cumin , salt, fresh red chilli and garam masala ..


Fried off the mutton with uncle ben..


Now I am going for a pressure cooker number here.. I really want to use it more .. As its not one that ‘whistles’ it’s hard to work out recipes and the like.. 

So adding a tin of Italian tomatoes.. Some ketchups.. And other bits.. Oh! Frozen spinach being one of them.. I remember that.. Yeah..

On for twenty minutes once that little red button popped up..

Then left to cool down.. 

Upon opening I decided it needed more.. So umm it started to get a little outta hand.. 

A can of these great chickpeas.. 


Some French green fine beans..


Adding some cooked jerseys also.. 


Probably could have stopped then.. 

But no!!! 

Some Japanese curry cubes that I have.. You know them? The golden curry ones? And then some Caribbean curry powder.. Because like those nasty reformed snacks.. Once you pop you can’t stop! 

Half a can of Karson saag..

It’s good now.. 

Adding some fresh tomatoes.. Some fresh coriander .. And as a piece de resistance .. A good dollop of Mr singhs Punjabi sauce.. ( which to be honest I perhaps should have just started with.. Ahem.. ) and some dried mango powder and lemon juice.. 

Righty hoodle hoedle.. All that now into the slow cooker.. ( oh after draining most of the liquid through a colander..).. 

So let’s make roti..

Flour and warm water ..


Rolled out and cooked on the iron pan..


Wrapped in a tea towel to keep warm.. 

 And abracadabra ..

Dinner is served..


How was it? 

Super depth of flavours.. Well after travelling most of planet earth with the spices and seasonings it sure should do right? 

Very tasty..

Next time must hold back the horses …

Hehehhe 👏 


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6 replies

  1. wow that is some mutton curry with so many lovely ingredients! I bet it was delicious! Impressed with your roti making skills too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, this dish started off (first 2 photos) looking like a major savory flavor bomb! Yum. This would be the only way I’d eat mutton is smothered in a bomb sauce. btw I am really glad you and Elaine ran into each other recently, I had just heard from her on the telephone/international app/text thing and I told her you were an angel, as she was so upset. Ha! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with using your starter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Was cool to bump into Elaine.. She stopped me in my fave store! The dish was to be fair the ‘nuts’ .. Mrs Fitz is having leftovers with fresh bread tonite .. What’s the story with the porky pies huh? You supposed to be my agent right? Let’s get a foodie ‘entourage ‘ show going on!


      • The porky pies require a much more brave and hardworking soul than me to make into a business. When my hub retires next year I will go full throttle into the underground pork pie supper club and catering service. Need to emblazon your image onto a stamp I can press into my crust 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ahh I see! I look forward to next year! Will send you over edible logos!


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