Eggy bread / French toast and thick cut smoked bacon brunch 

what is it about eggy bread? Or French toast as some call it.. I remember driving highway one with my Father as a young teenager.. (I also made him drive through some seriously strange neighbourhoods! Think back to the 80s and the bloods and crips.. All that kinda affair!! Ahem.. ) We stopped off at this place near big sur and they gave me French toast and put sugar in it!! Sheesh! It’s a savoury really right?

So here it is..

The real one.. The original..

Start with almost gone bread.. Not too far..

Soaked in wonderful golden eggs..


And then this most wonderful local smoked #blythburgh bacon..

Love that!

All fried off in straight up Mrs Middletons oil..


It’s a delicious treat.. 

 Like seriously delicious..


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  1. Nice blog. Bbc4 tomorrow great film on the Black Panthers. Do watch… Worth it for soundtrack alone :)) talk later. Sorry but couldn’t hear you this morning. Xx

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