Sweet and sour salt and pepper shoulder pork balls with half and half 

who doesn’t like these.. Ok if you don’t eat pork perhaps you won’t.. I am not apologising though! 

Still using that wonderful pork shoulder.. This time some pieces chopped and boiled.. Yup boiled.. 


Don’t skim off that rising stuff either. Keep boiling till all the water   goes.. you end up with super soft super porky pieces.. 
They then get tumbled in salt and pepper seasoning powder.  It has lots of lovely aromatics in it.

The rice is broken basmati pimped with unsalted butter, soy sauce and togarashi powder ..chef Ping can deal with that just before eating..


A batter is made by simply mixing double dragon self raising flour and water.. That double dragon self raising flour is great stuff indeed .  do look out for it.. I get mine at the Chinese superstore..

The batter needs to be pretty thick.  Like almost stand your spoon straight up thick.  

And the pieces of pork dropped into it then into Uncle Bens trusty wok with heated Mrs Middletons straight up oil.. 

Drained on ikea paper of course! 
Some freezer no nasties seasoned wedges cooked in the oven.. And the remaining half jar that was in the fridge and needs using up sweet and sour sauce heated through.. and some warmed Indonesian vegetable crackers for added crunch and flavour..


Brilliant #fridaynightfakeaway 👏 

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  1. Crispy fried outside, tender pork inside…oh my! I am not going to be able to get these out of my mind.

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