A couple of currys for Sunday lunch 

it’s not #allabouttheroast sometimes it’s good to have a switcheroo , you know flip things about a little..

And with these small drumsticks and thighs it’s gotta be a sweet curry.. Not too spicy.. I have never really liked the super heat.. Mrs Fitz  likes hot curries.. her keema makes me sweat for sure!

I knew some people once that always had #currysunday I don’t think I could do that.. I am not really a fan of pre determined days of feasting! 

So let’s start huh?

First skimming the chicken pieces and taking the bone and any googly bits out out of the thighs.. I can have the drumstix and Mrs Fitz can have the deboned meat..

Frying lots of chopped brown onions in mustard oil.. then adding ginger and garlic paste.. a few shakes of Shan family spice.. I forget which one! ( I do recall deciding that it was the most perfect at the time.. we have an array of them you see..) 😏

Then adding dried curry leaves and a can of Italian tomatoes.. then rinsing the can with reverse osmosis water .. That’s the gravy made.. I am of the belief that canned while tomatoes are far better than the chopped ones.. 


That’s all cooked down till you get this..it’s thick yet not too thick .. The fresh coriander is a tasty touch..😉

And then for the other veggie number.. 

Spring greens chopped and red potatoes diced with their skins..  

Boiled hard to soften the spudulas ..

A red onion fried in mustard oil with some more ginger and garlic paste.. then adding Shan vegetable curry powder.. Always remember to add salt as they don’t contain any.. which means you have all the spice not the added weight..  


Adding some unsalted butter at the end just to make it extra tasty! 

Then when Mrs Fitz tastes it while o went for a Sunday pint at the pub.. She noticed it was quite salty! Darn that extra flakey #maldosalt sometimes you just do not realise.. 

So I bin it.. 

The lot..

I still want some form of potato though.. 

And with the batter still in the fridge from those wonderful crispy pork balls.. it just needs some delicate spicing and mixed up with sliced red potato and red onion, wild rocket (as the pack needs using..).. Sabzi pollo and fried off in reserved #mrsmiddletonsoil then a good shake of shwarma spice 

Like this!


And soft roti of course! Self raising and plain flour mixed with water and a very light throw of salt.. 😁

Rolled out and onto the iron flat pan.. Lightly buttered and stored up safe in this excellent keeper-warmer thing we smuggled back from Rajasthan .. 

A quick salad chopped up.. Red romaine, ridge cucumber, green onion, wild rocket, tomatoes.. Sprinkled in Arabic salad seasoning..

Rice steamed off with mixed veg and some reserved pork fat melted into it at the end of cooking.. I love our rice cooker! Just pop it all on and turn it on.. And then it keeps warm for ages! Very cool! (Or warm whichever way around that should be!).. 

Onto plates and eating while watching telly in the kitchen..


Delicious Sunday lunch!

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