Nope not turkey .. good time to buy ‘foodstuffs’… 

This is not a post about Christmas turkey not that I have any problem with people eating turkey.. it’s just not my bag.. it did though indeed go into my bag ( of shopping, for the hounds though..). along with a number of other reduced items.. that is one good thing about this time of years., a heap of reduced things in the stores .. lots of meats .. lots of decorations.. yet lots of meats… 

if you have the freezer space then get out there, brace the weather ( for some reason the stores are real empty round our way).. and invest in the coming months! 

This is the first of one of those purchases .. some stupidly low priced chicken thigh fillets. Marinated in tandoori Shan family spices, Turkish wild garlic yoghurt and left to get its groove on for at least 24hrs.. 

then it’s popped onto two foil lined trays.. and into a pretty hot oven.. 235 real money degrees..

For about 25 minutes or so.. it needs draining halfway through to keep it going too squidgy..

Then a fabulous piece of lavash village bread .. love that stuff .. paper thin and bigger than your plate..

Tikka popped on.. a some tatziki, bought salad leaves dressed in french dressing, a few Turkish marinated olives.. and this neat Spanish tomatoes with shallot, Japanese vinegar and pomegranate sauce.. 

This really is our kinda of eating..


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