Cajun porchetta pan Purdue (roast pork and eggy bread sarnie).. ULTIMATE BREKKIE SANGER (in my world anyhoo).. and it’s for our bestest friend Serena 

This was the last porchetta of 2016.. it was for a lovely wedding reception we did on New Year’s Eve… naturally to ensure that it’s all good we need to take a small bit off the ends of course.. ahem… 

yet let’s ‘park’ that for now right? 

This is about the breakfast sandwich to blow away the slightly  tired and hungry feeling that New Year’s Day often can bring.. 

Starting with the just going a little stale white slice… soaked in beaten salted egg.. fried in beef dripping.. oh and some butter for good measure… the pieces of porchetta added… some Viking smoked salt for added puncher-rooney.. and that really is it… 

it tasted freaking amazing! I am very sure if you were to have one of these a day you would quite quickly be a case for research medics! 

This is a really decadent treat.. and it just feckin works… 

Happy #2017 y’all 

Mr Fitz x

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  1. My goodness!!!!! What a wonderful way to start the New Year.


  2. Reblogged this on Cooking with Mr Fitz and commented:

    just reminiscing.. great sandwich this one!


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