Hoo Hing

You may have heard of Hoo Hing.. they are a massive distributor and seller of asian food stuffs.. think the biggest sacks of things as well as live crabs, eels, razor clams.. tons of noodles and sauces.. i am sure you get the picture!

Well tucked just inside is the most fantastic canteen.. ok its a bit haphazard in the ordering process! You have to point at the pictures you want and pay at the till.. the same tills that are being used for all the customers to pay for their supplies.. and some have lots of supplies!

Then you take that ticket into the canteen.. hand it over to a very smiley friendly chef.. who then cooks your food.. its a sparse area.. and can be quite cold! it is inside a warehouse after all!

I had the black bean ribs.. you have to bear in mind that this is ‘authentic’ food.. so think of it as being a bit more gnarly! they are not the long ribs that you pick up.. more bits of small chopped ribs that you kinda roll around in your mouth to get the meat off! Amazingly tasty though! And the chicken gyoza.. perfect! crispy and slightly chewy..

All the other dishes that I saw looked great.. I really must go back and eat my way through them.. seriously.. its Fabulous!

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