Friday nite ‘veally’ nice curry

We are big on rose veal again right now.. it’s important that this meat gets a regular look in.. important as it’s a by product of the dairy industry.. mind you for the price of it you wouldn’t think that! Sheesh!!!  Still when you can score a good deal on it .. and you can then grab it up! 

I scored a couple of keys of fabulous loin., this stuff is so soft and tender.. stunning! 

So it’s having a few outings.. starting off with a couple of currys.. a massaman.. and a rendang.. both winners in our books!

So simple to make and such a fabulous supper.. that gets better the longer you can avoid the temptation of eating it all up.  !

That’s the loin.. (well one of them ,ahem..).. 

And this is the simplicity.. the Asian supermarket bought paste.. life is far too short to either add all the ingredients ir own them! Fried off with some coconut milk.. I added some chestnut mushrooms too as they needed eating.. adding the veal.. some fine banana shallots.. a drop of water.. 

and literally about 12 minutes later it’s done! That loin doesn’t need much cooking out.. if you are using another cut it will need to bubble and blip away.. just for a bit longer.  Or just pop it in the slocooker.. 

to go with to make it the Friday night curry?

Spiced unclebens rice.. hit up with some frozen petit pois and shallot..

It needs the butter.. cough cough.. 

and a yoghurt of natural yoghurt , grated ridge cucumber, grated garlic and black salt.. 

Store bought naan heated on the iron pan.. 

And… aaahhhhh-waaaa-laaaaa

A really bad shot of a veally nice supper!

You gotta try rose veal.. seriously.. you gotta.. 

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5 replies

  1. Great recipe! I’ve never seen black lava sea salt, looks intriguing, will try to find it next time I go shopping. Thanks for sharing with FF:)


  2. That looks fantastic. Must admit that I never consider vea – the rose veal revolution has just passed me by. Will have to think about it after reading this.

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