Still Eire..

get it? 

Still here in Eire.. 

First the news.. Mrs Fitz’s passport has been located in the courtesy car.. YAY! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ

Ok so drove to Kinsale after a breakfast of pancakes 


Ahh no!! 

First what happened is that this morning I took a tube out of my wash bag that I thought was tooth paste.. Popped the cap, squeezed it onto the brush.. Started on the front teeth.. Hmm something up here .. Looking at the tube and then looking in my washbag again showed that it wasn’t the toothpaste.. It was shaving creme.. I really am losing the plot these days! 


Is it age? Or a catching up and perhaps overtaking ‘former’ semi rockanrolla lifestyle thing?  Possibly neither.. Yet a very good scrub of the teeth with actually now very minty toothpaste I set off to go fetch our star .. Ruby Starr .. 

Having promised that we would take a great day out together we decided against the spongebob movie as the weather was just too nice to ignore.. A sin to be inside as they say.. 

The journey to Kinsale is always a treat .  It’s a picture postcard moment of the   Ol’ country.. 

Having decided on going to an open farm to look at tasty , sorry! cute.. Animals.. 

Now this should have been an easy journey.. It became an epic journey.. In travelled kilometres.. Google maps let us down.. We went from one side of cork county to another! 

Stopping off for icecream of course.. 


We also stopped many kilometres away from the ice cream pit stop ( and still nowhere near where we needed to actually be..) to pick up a sandwich and crisps picnic.. 

Finally after driving the red toy clown car till the ends of the earth, we arrived.. 

First thing we saw were these great cows.. YUMMMMY! ooops sorry.. πŸ™Š I meant to say.. How cute.. πŸ™ˆ 



Notice that I still am currently sporting a beard ? Yet still carry shaving creme in my washbag.. 

Doo-lally.. I tell ya! πŸ’­

This is quite a cool open farm .. 



Wonderful mangalise piggies.. 


Reminding me strongly of me and Mrs Fitz trip to Budaoest where they treat these pigs so delightfully well. Ahem..


Oooh that was a great find.. What memories.. Proper taste-full adventures!

Back to the farm though.. Loads of ducks of all shapes and sizes ( don’t even get me started!).☝️. Alpacas .. Hmmm , camels, chickens, a Lobley looking little monkey .. Various other lemurs and mongooses or is that mongeese? And a go on the zip line and pedal tractors.. A good day yet we need that pic-a-nic.. 


It was busy in the farm so we stopped up in the overflow car park.. Happy as those piggies in.. The farm.. Hehehe.. 

It musta been a good day out as Ruby took a snooze on the way home. .. Always a good sign right? 


Sorry wrong pic.. 


Notice any similarity ? 😜

We returned to Kinsale.. Got jumped up on slush puppies.. And went to visit chef jonny at his new residence at the whitehouse in Kinsale.. 



A nice piece of soanking fresh that day caught fish with excellent chips .. 


 .. Yeah me.. Fish.. C’mon I’m in Kinsale.. And chef jonny is my brudda-in-law.. So had to be done.. Tasty I must say .. Those chips despite being searingly lawsuit hot.. Stunning.. 


That’s their daagy.. Real cutesee.. (Not edible..).. 


Time to leave the Emerald Isle ..

It never really leaves you though.. Catch ya later.. Safe home..  





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  1. Brushing teeth with shaving cream can’t be fun

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