Kinda Lebanesey food I suppose 

I think this classes as lebanese food .. Perhaps.. 

I originally wanted to make turkish pizza .. So the dough made up.. Water flour yeast stevia olive oil and salt.. 

It rose well.. A bit too well ! 


Gloopy huh ? 

Well the ‘topping’.. Or ‘ dipping’ as it became.. 

Red ticket organic lamb mince.. 


Cooked up with red yellow and green peppers, onions , garlic, rose Harissa, (lovely that).. And lamb shawarma spices.. Oh and a can of Italian plum toms.. Don’t bother buying the chopped ones.. The tomatoe to water ratio just isn’t right in my book! 


Adding a bag of yellow ticket spinach.


It’s delicious! Perhaps not a turkish pizza topping .. In fact not at all.. 


A drop of JO balsamic is just the number .. 

Breads cooked on the iron pan.. 


Greek yoghurt with extra rose Harissa dolloped on.. Yummy doodle doo! 


With a salad that had been seasoned with arabic salad seasonings.. Radishes, peppers, romaine lettuce, scallions and white onions.. Toms too.. Olive oil and a splash of a wine vinegar that I can’t remember .. 


Lovely supper!! Just lovely..


And pura tea with Oreo Hagen daas.. And dutch shortbread bisquits for pudding 


Super dooper ! 






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  1. Yummy doodle doo? I’m not sure what that means but I would sort that supper out in my face!!!

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  2. This looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I just had breakfast and now I’m starving again! Looks yum! 💜

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