Strip steak of sorts

a visit to the most excellent butchers in earls barton meant we have a few goodies in for the weekend .. Starting with this steak that I can only think is part of the hanger-onglet-skirt.. 


It needed some extra faffing with to get the membrane and some googly bits out/offa it.. That’s cool though I always like to play with my food! 

That’s going to get cooked real quick at the end of this post.. 

To go with though ? 

Potatoes boiled in French grey salt water. Really sweet carrots boiled in sugar and salt.. Both with bay leaves from my grandfathers garden.. 


A mix of olive oil, butter, cumin, garlic , salt and rose harrisa.  All dried up and the carrots and green beans tossed in.. The kitchen smells STOOPID crazy nice! 



  And the potatoes having a similar treatment with French salted butter, garlic, roasted and marinated red and yellow peppers .. Some chorizo added as it ahem ‘needed using up’.. 


Now what’s a missing? Hmmm .. Ahhh.. AHA! 

the current reigning world champion of sauces.. Chhhhiiiimmmmchurri!

Yeah.. Chimchurri the master of sauces right now.. Herby salty acidy garlic hummy goodness..  

Parsley picked through, coriander and mint the same , dried oregano as just can’t find any fresh right now.. Dried red chilli, maldon salt , four squidges of garlic in the press.. Brown sugar also.. Brown sugar also.. Why? Because it tastes so good heehee


All whizzed up good with organic red wine vinegar, and lovely fruity spanish olive oil .  


Blinkin marvellous.. 

The steak cooked.. All plated.. 


Tasty toodle doodle DOO !! 😁



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4 replies

  1. Oh yeah, nice, all of it. I really want steak tonight.


  2. Tasty toodle doodle do! Outrageous!!

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