Budapest and the Corinthia hotel

We have both decided ( quite quickly !) that we both like Budapest very much..period.

The architecture is stunning. And sure we have been walking about for what feels like forever yet it has been a lovely day indeed .. Seen some great sites.. And played at being ‘proper’ tourists.. With a map with scribbles on and everything!

Also stumbled upon.. The great market I think it’s called.. What ever it’s called it is great! Great for porkiness!

They have a special pig here that I won’t even try to spell.. Yet it’s special .. Special indeed!

And after conversing with a number of stallholders I finished up with two great salamis.. And some amazing smoked goose breast.. Stunning! Made me happy indeedo..

It’s amazing really.. The way you can converse through the language of a love if food.. Smiles, grimaces and patting the belly with a few nods and a good belly patting always seems to enable a quick connection with someone who also shares a love of food.. It’s great!

Did try some horrors though.. The weirdest crackling/scratchings.. Soft.. Like on porpoise? What’s that all about huh??

Not for me padre not for me..

Yet the salami was cool as you can wish for.. No! Cooler!

Also I just have to tell you about the Corinthia exec lounge.. It rocks!

They feed and water you EXTREMELY well .. I mean from all range of drinks and snacks.. To amazing cakes and fruits .. Plus to shelf spirits and bio bubbles!!

And served by lovely people.. I have to say that this is OUT AND OUT the best exec lounge I have ever experienced ..

An me and Mrs Fitz are having a quick wine.. With cake for me.. Lemon meringue that is stunning ..

Oh and the frankfurter soup is off the clock .. Like off the clock .. I need that recipe..

What else did I find ?

Goose cracklings ! Wasn’t aloud to buy them though.. Darn travelling with Mrs Fitz!

Looking forward to the rest of Budapest.. As I said .. We like it here!










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