Off to Budapest

Me and Mrs Fitz are off to Budapest..

For a quick jaunt ..

So that means that a quick lunch is required .. Gone for smuggled back UTZ tortilla chips. With a quick good store bought standby of chilli.. Oped into the scoops.. Topped with the salsa that would have gone in the trash otherwise . Sour cream that would have met the same fate and some jalepenos also heading that way.!

So a great use up lunch. Blinking lovely too!!

Also needed to make some food for the flight.. Always take your own food!

Along with beetroot chips.. We have.. Rare sirloin of roast beef with horseradish for Mrs Fitz.. And some very nice indeedy salami for me! Cool!

Made some pulled pork sausage rolls too.. Using the last if the jalepenos and French butter pastry.. Very nice I must say!

So am now sitting in the lounge after a very specific search. (Forgot to take my belt off!) doh!

It’s the number one lounge .. I think it’s too hot.. You have to go to the bar to ask for drinks. No help yourself snacks really apart from cake.. And only small bowls of peanuts and chips ON THE BAR!!! ( isn’t that illegal now? Yuck!)

Had a cottage pie.. Adequate.. Yet Mrs Fitz Fraser salad pitta was so wet with water you couldn’t eat it! (See that’s why you bring sandwiches huh?!)

Ok. Off to board to Budapest..

See you on the other side!








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6 replies

  1. Have a good trip. See you when you get back from Budapest and when I get back from Largs. X

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Web blog: HTTP:/ Email: (Always reply to this email address


  2. Enjoy guys!


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