A proper hog , a cow, a chicken and a lamb

It’s been a lovely weekend, the start of summer is surely upon us..

We have had the waterside festival in the village.. Attracting quite a few thousand people.. Bands on three stages and a heap of activities .. Very nice.. And the sun was blazing!

My pal Ian the butcher sent over a hog roast for the local pub..

Two hogs two days.. It went down a treat! The pub also ran an excellent bbq.. Offering cool cocktails in an outside bar.. It was busy!!

There is just something about a proper hog roast that makes (carnivorous) people smile.. It certainly made me smile ..

And the cow?

Mrs Fitz made an excellent beef keema for our supper.. Served in lettuce cups of course with a dollop of cooling sour cream on top.. I must say the petit pois in this one were spot on indeed! And who doesn’t like lettuce cups?

The day before we had mini burgers with excellent skinny fries.. Drained on ‘that’ (Ikea) brown paper.. With a great slice of tomato..

The chicken?

A good quality store bought spatchcocked chicken.. Again cooked by Mrs Fitz on the BBQ..

Drizzled with extras this chuck certainly stood up to the task !

Eaten in the garden as the evening cooled.. A perfect supper for a post lovely weekend..

The lamb?

Brest of lamb inspired by a post I read by Petra ..

It had yielded a cup of meat and a cup if cracklings .. They will be used up in bun I reckon!

To cook the lamb.. I skipped the curing.. And salted the breasts. Into the oven straight onto a rack .. 140 degrees for three plus hours. Maybe a little more..

The pulled the lamby goodness off its self.. Increasing the temp on the oven and popping the skin back in..

It smells incredible!! Like super roast lamb!

(Tastes pretty good too..)20140623-103921-38361611.jpg














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  1. Fabulous images! And that hog roast (and the lettuce cups) look fantastic!


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