Crispy chilli beef chow mein

I love crispy chilli beef.. It is my ‘test’ for a Chinese take-away.. It’s gotta be right.. Not all clumped together like some sugary chewy beef bhaji.. Although writing that has got me thinking.. Hmmmm !

The beef is cut into thin strips.. Tossed in seasoned cornflour and shallow fried off in mrs Middletons oil..

While that rests a little it’s time to make the chow mein..

Chopped white onion..hard fried with ginger and garlic paste.. Beansprouts added.. And remember you always need more than you think!

The fresh egg noodles added and heaps of kikoman soy sauce..

Swish swish shakey shakey shake..

Out of the pan when cooked through and scorched just a little..

The crispy beef back in the wiped out wok, I may have mentioned it before yet our wok is tremendous ! And it was a freebie over a decade ago from uncle Ben .. ( the brand not a relative ahem..)..

Then the sweet chilli sauce added thinned out with mirin and soy .. Stunning! Clinging to the crispy beef bits so well!

All piled onto a plate and eaten while a little too hot perhaps! Ouchy!!!

Mrs Fitz has some left for her supper as am out into the capital city tonite to Union Square for cocktails and canapés .. Ooh laa laaa! (Add siracha sauce Mrs Fitz! Won’t be too late..)

Did I pass my own test of crispy chilli beef?

I reckon so.. Number 63 anyone?



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  1. Looks tempting. I think you don’t like to use measures and spoons. I always wish I could do that. Guess that comes from a seasoned chef.


  2. Hi there, I was wondering what cut of beef you like to use or could use here . . . as you know I don’t do much with meat in the sauté medium. I do however really like the Panda Express Beijing Beef which is probably the equivalent of McDonalds but it tastes soooo good and it appears I may be able to make it at home!


    • Hey ! I know that Panda Express dish from when I am over the pond.. I like it too ! Yet this is without all the possible ‘nasties’.. You seriously can use any cut.. No fat just lean meat.. Soft meat that you can poke a finger through almost.. Think discount steak perhaps ? You can grind the rest up! The speed of cooking in the oil is key .. And the cornflour just protects the beef.. I look forward to reading yours!


      • Great, thanks. I don’t know what they do at Panda . . . it’s literally 2 blocks from my house, my husband says it’s “s**t” but I love the beef as mentioned, as well as the green bean chicken and sweet chili chicken . . . they get the chicken nice and flat and it’s sort of velveted. But yeah, probably loaded with who knows what nasties.


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