Bread, chicken & peppers

Simple suppers are sometimes the best ever..

And what can be more simple that a spatchcocked chicken.. with butter seasonings and garlic roasted in the oven? (Ok a few things yet c’mon!)…

Super cloudy zatar sprinkled flatbreads .. Fluffy with yeast and olive oil.. A pinch of salt and sugar.. Reverse osmosis water warmed to blood temperature..(easy huh?).. Left to rise then rolled expertly by Mrs Fitz before cooking quickly on the iron pan..

Red ticket Padron peppers.. If you haven’t tried Padron peppers you really must.. Only available truly for a short window in the year.. one in thirty will kick ya in the face! They taste simply wonderful though.. Just blackened in olive oil and sprinkled with maldon salt..

And a side of white onions.. Soused with Ume plum seasoning and pomegranate sauce.. spiked with fresh red chilli ..

What a lovely simple supper.. Simply lovely..











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