padron peppers

Bread, chicken & peppers

Simple suppers are sometimes the best ever.. And what can be more simple that a spatchcocked chicken.. with butter seasonings and garlic roasted in the oven? (Ok a few things yet c’mon!)… Super cloudy zatar sprinkled flatbreads .. Fluffy with… Read More ›

Steak sarnies

Sometimes all you want for supper is a couple of easy food sarnies.. This is them… Simple sour dough bread toasted.. Black pepper for Mrs Fitz. Butter And horseradish for moi.. Rocket dressed in Italian balsamic dressing.. And a smack… Read More ›

Lamb chops and padrons

Needed a meat fix.. why.. dunno.. just needed it x Lamb chops marinated in red wine, garlic. Wild thyme and intenso oil.. Bbqued hard.. looks like they are ‘caramalized’ as they say in chef speak.. yet nope.. that’s the wine… Read More ›

Lanzarote.. Gyros..Kebab

‎We are off to Lanzarote this weekend for a vacation.. just as the weather turns it makes for a great shot of sunshine before getting ready for the hibernation.. My attorney was just out there.. (he IS kinda ‘out there’… Read More ›