Padron peppers & pulled pork pancake rolls

Padron peppers are the business .. A relatively short season unfortunately .. here’s what wikipedia says…

Padrón peppers (Spanish: pimientos de Padrón) are a variety of peppers (Capsicum annuum) from the municipality of Padrón in the province of La Coruña, northwestern Spain.[1] These are small peppers (about 5 cm long), with a color ranging from bright green to yellowish green. Their peculiarity lies on the fact that, while their taste is usually mild, a minority (about 20%) are particularly hot. Whether a given pepper ends up being hot or mild depends on the amount of water and sunlight it receives during its growth.

The peppers are customarily fried in oil and served as tapas.[2]


These peppers are grown along the banks of the river Ulla and its tributary Sar, especially in the greenhouses of the municipality of Padrón, hence the name. This pepper is also currently grown in various places of southern Spain and Morocco. The peppers are picked while their size is still small, starting as soon as mid-May. Traditionally, they were sold in the period going from late May until late October or, on occasion, even early November. However, the introduction of greenhouse plantations has made them available throughout the year.

Padrón peppers are small, with an elongated, conic shape. The taste is mild, but some exemplars can be quite hot, which property has given rise to the popular aphorism Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non (“Padrón peppers, some are hot, some are not”).[3] Typically, there is no way of determining whether a given pepper will be hot or mild, short of actually eating it.

You have to look out for the ones that will give you a ‘donkey kick’ .. And boy do you know when you get one!

I don’t recall where I got introduced to this lovely Spanish number.. Yet every time I see them I just have to have them.. A particular taste that doesn’t appear anywhere else..

And to eat them?

Simply fry in a little olive oil till blackened.. Adding sea salt at end..

Eat straight away.. Look out for the donkeys .. (Thing is they all look the same.. )

A perfect thing to take on over to Fiesta Friday nineteen..

The pulled pork pancake rolls?

Easy peasey..

Follow the same as you would chinese duck.. Yet using the pulled pork hand.. Spring onion cucumber and hoisin..






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50 replies

  1. this looks super hot hot hot! is it?


  2. I was looking at your lead photo on the FF page and wondering if you posted a recipe without meat! But I need not have worried. 😛 The pulled pork looks awesome, Mr Fitz! 😀


  3. This looks very tasty! Love the addition of the peppers.


  4. Yummy! I love the look of those peppers! And you just reminded me I have cooked duck in my freezer! Need to make those pancakes soon 🙂


  5. I think I’m too much of a wimp to play russian roulette with those peppers, I’m a bit of a baby with spicy things – I just like a little heat! The pancakes look delicious too though


  6. Another perfect party food, if you can share that is! These look like the “shishito” peppers I see all the time at my farmers market and bought a boatload of last week. Just popped them in the toaster in some foil with olive oil and salt. Til black, oh my did we eat so many!


  7. I grew 5 padron pepper plants last year. Guess what? All of them gave me hot peppers! I must have been very unlucky. That or maybe I picked them too late.


  8. I have never had pardon peppers, and now I have a good reason to, after seeing this recipe. I love the wrapping with bread idea, with some meat to balance the heat. And of course, a glass of milk by my plate. 😀


  9. Wha hoo, Mr. Fitz! You have kicked it up a notch! I hope there are so heat quelling cocktails around for those of us who get the donkey kick!! :/ What a great party dish! I love it! 😀


  10. I still have some pulled pork left over from the other day, now I know just how I’m going to use it! Lovely recipe, thanks so much for bringing it to Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  11. Welcome Welcome Welcome Mr Fitz!! So glad to see you here…and so happy to see what you’ve shared with us today!! Before I even clicked on your link to get here…I was saying… Yummy yummy yummy!! How much fun is it that you don’t know whether you’ll be getting a mild one, or a hot one?!! I love it. Kind of like a Russian roulette type of deal!! Thank you so much for bringing your peppers to the table… I know that everyone will love them as much as I do. This was a fun one. ❤


  12. Mr. Fitz, awesome job hosting last week! And, I love learning about new foods! Such an interesting item to bring to FF this week. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  13. Definitely have to try this for sure…it looks amazing! Thanks for bringing this to FF 🙂


  14. Your blog always makes me hungry! Even at 11am I am now craving pulled pork!


  15. I came for the peppers, but *pulled pork pancake*? Wow, yum. With hoisin, cucumber & spring onion, sounds so delicious.


  16. Your Padron pepper look so appetizing (famous in North Africa) with a drizzle of olive oil accompanied with a flat semolina bread and a glass of fresh butter milk 🙂 Yummy!


  17. i have to stop looking at your blog when i am hungry….. makes the mouth water every time. Love those little green suckers, its like playing spicy Russian roulette.


  18. thank you for this delicious recipe!



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