Do pigs have hands?

Yup they sure do.. (Cows also have wings..)

Porky lovely ones.. And in my mind the best cut for pulled pork .. Cheap as chips.. Mind you chips ain’t that cheap anymore!!

You probably need to get friendly with a butcher that has beasts not just vac pacs.. That conquered you can move on with the cooking bit..

This hand came from butcher Dave and was a cracking price.. Ooh and the crackling you are gonna get from this deliciousness is awesome also!!

You can fancy pants the additions to the cooking if you like.. I went for a relatively straight number on this one..

On the other hand.. Hahaha ..

Simple olive oil, Himalayan salt and Bristol blend pepper..

Into the Le cresuet at 120 ( real money) degrees for as long as you can.. Five and a bit hours was this one.. Then heat up .. Lid off and another one and a half hours..

This allows the liquid to reduce into the wonderful sticky off the chartness

Also crisps the crackling up..

Leave it to cool until handleable.. Is that a word? Handleable? You get it though .. The bone should just slip straight out .

Then pull it into the strands and take out all the googly bits, this makes the hounds very happy indeed!

Snip in the crackling including the bits that haven’t quite crackled.. Although you could then crisp it back up in the oven.. which is the business !

Now add it back into the pot.. Loosen that sticky geniusnuss with some kettle hot water.. Just a bit..

At this point you can add any flavourings you like.. Of course the BBQ sauce yet think other flavours too.. Herby.. Asiany..

I have gone for simply adding cider vinegar.. Fish sauce and a bottle of Vietnamese dipping sauce .. Stunning!

Box it up and use as required.. I am going for pancake rolls with it for supper.. Pulled pork ‘burgers’ are also great and very on brand right now!

It makes a heap.. Is stoopid cheap.. And if you were having a dinner party or something.. What a stunning thing to bring out..

Right ? PULLED PORK!!! Yayayayaya








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15 replies

  1. You really are the meat meister Mr Fitz! This looks amazing – oh that sticky goo…do you really ask for a hand of pork at the butchers or are they going to laugh at me?


  2. Omggg drooling you horrible tease yim


  3. Stunning photos! I actually am in the process of making pulled pork for dinner this evening, haha. Now I don’t know if I can wait! 🙂


  4. Haha! Love this… it looks absolutely delicious…. and when you said that you were going to do pulled pork with pancakes…you made me think about a post you did a while ago…. I want to say it was Chinese pancakes that looked so fabulous. I have to go back and search your site!! Now I want to make them!! 🙂 Awesome post..



  1. Pulled pork noodles & bone marrow butter steak « Cooking with Mr Fitz

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