Pulled pork noodles & black truffle bone marrow butter steak

Just tapping in the title of this post made me smile !

Pulled pork noodles?

Remember the pulled pork cooked the other day? https://cookingwithmrfitz.com/2014/06/04/do-pigs-have-hands/ Well this is another way of using it up.. Simply defrosted added to half a store bought stir fry pack, I always find the cheapest one is the best.. Simpler .. Some chopped oyster mushrooms and Japanese ‘fried’ noodles.. Whish whash whoosh in the pan.. Kikoman stir fry soy added at the end..

And what a winner of a dish.. I loved it!

For Mrs Fitz?

A bone in sirloin cooked with black truffle bone marrow butter kept in the freezer for such an event.. https://cookingwithmrfitz.com/2014/05/23/its-all-about-the-bones/ Petit pois , And Jacks Thrice cooked chips.. Mrs Fitz did indeed declare them to be the best chips she has eaten for a long while..

I am sure Jack would have insisted on the being fried yet I popped them in the oven with some pimped roscoff garlic oil and some chinese mushroom broth powder.. Cooked on a high heat they took much longer than I thought .. Yet they worked all good ..

Great supper this.. Really enjoyed..

Cool…. 20140611-071608-26168832.jpg








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10 replies

  1. WHAT??? You did what??? What a waste of all that effort I went to. First cutting them into 1cm chips, simmering them until almost at break point, then air cooling and eventually left in refrigerator overnight. Then deep fried at 134 C until almost cooked and air cooled again with another night in the fridge before open freezing them, then gently bagged just for you to finally fry them at 190 C for the perfect chips!!!
    I am gutted to think you put them in the oven!! :’-(
    Seriously though, I have never tried them in the oven and I am very pleased that they turned out great and praise indeed coming from the lovely Linda. ;-D
    See you in the Nags. x


  2. You had me at pulled!
    Bone marrow butter, gosh I wish we could get marrow here. They’re uber sensitive to any possibility of BSE, so now chance.


  3. Bone marrow butter…oh drool…


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