It’s all about the bones..

The bones?

Yup.. The bit that imparts the best flavours into meat.. We all know that right?

This supper was all about just that ..

Sirloin on the bone.. twice baked spuds with sour cream, garden chives and Mr Fitz own take on jowel bacon..baked the spuds after coating with mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil. And some Himalayan pink salt .. Once baked split scooped out and a mix of sour cream , chives from the garden , pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil, the crisped jowel bacon and some butter . Back in the oven to crisp up .. Stunning !

And the veg? Peas.. From a can (I like them from time to time!) with a splash of good malt vinegar and Himalayan salt..

And this ..

Are you ready?

You sure?


Bone marrow truffle butter!!!

Yup you read that right. Bone marrow truffle butter..

I tweeted the great chef alan bird from bird if Smithfield and asked his advice. He replied with just the tips I needed .

I am really pleased that waitrose now sells bone marrow already split and ready to go.. Admittedly I normally buy these as a treat for Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley. yet today Rbs wax my treat .. am flying off to Lisbon first thing so needed to feel that I had eaten well. Just a small treat to help me sleep as will be up at stoopid o’clock for the flight..

So after getting the tweet back from chef bird who kindly advised a short roasting to loosen the shaft(his words ).. And the dogs going maddu for the smell of the roasting marrow !

It was mixed with some of the truffle butter that I had been keeping from Mr Wentworths truffle hunting jaunt ..

I mean this is a seriously decadent butter.. serious! A small squeeze of lemon to try and make it a bit healthier? (Mebbe?)

Seared the steaks adding the butter..


Dogs drooling .. Me drooling. Dogs got the bones sans marrow..0


I think I may have just overdone have steaks a little in my haste ..

And there is butter left over for another day.

What a supper.. 20140523-060857-22137924.jpg









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  1. Roasting marrow… Intriguing! That butter sounds great! Nice and rich!



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