Pulled pork ‘sausage’ rolls

Am off to Lisbon . It’s the uefa champions league final .. Going to be a great carnival!

So what to make to share with my pal Fulham Dave on the journey at stoopid a clock ?

(And of course to share at fiesta friday!)

Pulled pork sausage rolls.. Last tub of delicious porkiness left in the freezer .. Must make up another batch . Must get a hold of Butcher Dave.. Hmmm

Anyhoo in the meantime it’s the quick pastry number .

It cannot get easier than this.. It really can’t !

Store bought pastry. Unwrapped . Pork out on top. Rolled. Brushed with beaten egg. Baked till golden . Stop .

That really is it!

Sure you have already put the effort in when you made the pulled pork . Yet it really is that simple.. And sometimes the simple things are just the best..

Have arrived in Lisbon. Straight to the supermarket. Check out this young piggie already cooked and ready for the big bad wolf.

And of course the salt cod!

I can feel this is gonna be a good trip for sure.

Catch you later piggy-gator!20140523-180319-64999591.jpg





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3 replies

  1. Great idea for using pulled pork. I always have lots left over and get tired of tacos.

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  2. Delicious! I love the idea of putting them in pastries! Have fun on your trip!



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