Hotel breakfast & store finds + friend cake

What is it about staying in hotels that mean that you eat far more than you should do first thing in the morning?

I am lucky enough to have experienced hotel offerings around the globe.. Some incredible indeed others just leave you shaking your head..

The array of choices always excites.. (Particularly when offered bubbles at breakfast! Is that wrong?).. (Probably)

This breakfast is not one of the best I have had yet is indeed worth a mention..

The full irish offering is there and the sausages if a decent standard.. Rather moreish if truth be told..

The bacon.. ? Nope..

The beans bland and tasteless yet good to ‘wet’ the hash brown .. The mushrooms of a good texture.. Out of 5? A possible three ..

The green tea that went with it was first too hot then too cold! How in sciences name does that happen huh?

The fresh made waffles were ok. Yet with only one chef on the egg , waffle and pancake station.. I felt sorry for him.. They were ok.. Not a WOW! I want MORE of them.. No siree .. In fact.. I wouldn’t miss them in a New York minute..

Other things of note we found today.. A pack of breakfast that I don’t think is quite right.. I hate not being able to see inside sealed packs .. Feels like some one is hiding something right?

And a selection of battered processed meats.. You have no idea! how close I was to buying these.. Just to see what exactly they were like .. Probably best I didn’t .. !!

Plus a strange bacon thing inside black pudding? It’s a no from me..

We did also find these packs of veggies that I thought was pretty neat indeed.. All the bits for fresh guac? How cool is that in one pack? ( if indeed all the bits are inside ?).. Hope they are .. And also one for ratatouille .. I think they are cool! Gooey eyed deer!!


Gets me thinking.. Maybe a range of Mr Fitz fresher than fresh dips and stuff…


Cool thing was.. We went and had tea with some friends.. They made fresh fruit muffins .. Very nice.. Different.. Replacing vanilla for cinnamon in the recipe .. Yet nice all the same.. C’mon you can’t beat freshly baked cake of any sort straight from the cooling rack!









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