I cracked! (Cooking in Kinsale )

Got cooking pains me.. I get withdrawal symptoms.. Like a shaky shivery skinny person .. Waiting for ‘the man’.. And my attorney sent me a mail about the delicious sounding lamb dish he slow cooked yesterday.. It got me..

Ok maybe not so bad.. Yet seriously it worries me .

Thank goodness for a visit to my brother in law chef jonny in Kinsale.. Mrs Fitz went off to see her pals and stuff..

So I went to chef jonnys house.

First of all they have a seriously cute puppy.. Good reason to visit number one.. Agreed? ( and of course to hang out with our niece Ruby Starr and jonny)..

Second it’s a nice stroll around Kinsale .. And even better when you have a porpoise .. the demise of the true butcher is apparent though.. This is a place that although stocks good meat there are no carcasses hanging.. So asking for the more favourite bits of Mr Fitz’s fancy delivers negative results..

Yet I do find a smoked hock in barrets butchers .. Cool that’s it then ..

A trip to the grocers also scored me some great local red spuds.. Was gonna go for British queens .. A seriously decent spud. Yet I feared they may break up too much.. Just a steam is best for them.. Super fluffy!

Scored some local carrots, onions and flat parsley too.. I would have preferred curly yet remember am clucking!

With my supplies scored we walked back to the house..

A chocolate muffin gifted from the hotel made Ruby Starr happy ..

So peel peel chop chop.. Pork atop..

Topped up with water.. No stock just a scrape of black pepper..

Into an oven at 160 real money for three hours..

Plenty of time to chat, play with the puppy.. Teach it to eat the ends of carrots .. And breath in the deep porky homely fragrance developing in the kitchen..

It was time to leave before it was ready so over to chef jonny to finish it..

Not a great looking dish.. Yet flavour town takes straight over.. Trust me..

Just lift the veggies out .. Take the hock out .. Skin it and tear the meat roughly.. Add the parsley to the juices in the pot.. A good bit of milk just finishes the sauce..

Hoping for the ‘money’ shot from chef jonny.. Yet I did get the last pics.. The hock out and the sauce getting ready..

Hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed getting my fix!









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12 replies

  1. Greetings Mr Fitz and THANKS for the follow of my humble musings !! I LOVE smoked ANYTHING, particularly pork hocks … *drooling* πŸ™‚
    Stay hungry friend … I look forward to reading more from you πŸ™‚


  2. Oh yes, very nice. And I particularly like the umbrella pose old chap! πŸ™‚


  3. Aww, what a cute puppy!! Mmm – that hock looks fabulous – did you soak it first?


  4. That’s one seriously cute puppy πŸ™‚


  5. Dying over that hock! The only thing better than the hock is the ham salad my mom makes with the ends and bits and pieces, like with a little pickle and boiled egg ! Yum! Glad you’re back to cooking, I went a little kookoobananas myself after 2 weeks of eating out in Oregon.



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