Bull & Mcabe plus fishermans catch

After leaving Kinsale and that lovely hock behind.. A quick pit stop at the fishermans catch in Kinsale.. It’s just on the edge if town and is a van.. Been their years am told.. Had to try it out.. And you know I am not big on the fish.. Yet something about being by the sea and particularly in Kinsale eire makes me want fish..

Just a little fishy.. In batter of course! Freshly caught each day and Dutch style battered.. I went for the kids portion for 4:50€

Ended up sharing it with the three crows (or was it four?).. The fish and chips not amazing.. The views though stunning!

Back to cork city..

Catch up on some work then hit Bull & Mcabes.. It’s on the airport road..

We went there Sunday for a great canteen style carvery lunch .. With the family.. It was good canteen fodder .. So we decided to go back.. I wanted corned beef and cabbage.. No luck.. We were though treated to a public demonstration outside of the refugee centre.. Complaining about conditions I think..
The Bull & Mcabe is just across from it.

Don’t let that put you off though..( if you think that way…)

This is decent home cooked food.. Chef ping don’t reside here.. Umm ok maybe a cousin or two..

Yet MrsFitz had the burger.. Homemade and made me jealous I didn’t get one! I went for fajitas as no traditional irish fare to be had.. Shame.. I like to play tourist from time to time..

The fajitas were stoopid massive portions! Could have fed four I am sure!

Took the rest in a box to the sister in law .. (Hope ye like it Carol!)

This place really is worth a visit.. Am told corned beef is normally tues/weds.. With a diddly dee trad band on a Thursday nite.. Bet that’s great fun! Looks like a good pub..

Family run I think.. With good pride of cooking.. It really does remind me of an American irish joint .. It should beon diners drive inns and dives!!

Umm pretty full up now.. IMG_7015.JPG






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