No cheese lasagne – easy supper

Well we are back from an emotional roller coaster in Eire..

Wiped out it’s an easy yet comforting supper required..

Lasagne .. That favourite of that cat..

No cheese version here .. Not dairy free due to the white sauce topping.. Which today is store bought for ease..

Simple really yet here we go..

Brown off the Hereford beef mince with a little water, the water seems to help break the mince down quicker?

Adding frozen sofrito, a great freezer staple..

Italian Herbs brought back from Amsterdam .

Good organic balsamic vinegar.. A pinch of sugar and salt.. And a can of chopped toms..

Of course a shake of veal jus powder.. It just adds extra meatyness..

Let that cook down. And cool..

MrsFitz then assembled it.. Topping it with the white sauce. A loaf tin is perfect for this .. As you get the much needed layers..

Into the oven not too hot to cook through..

The garlic & herb bread is simple.. A big fat clove of French garlic squished with unsalted butter and some herbs and seasonings..

Stuffed into the cuts on the baguette..

Wrapped loosely in dampened parchment paper.. into the oven till just crisp..

Eaten with a glass or two of nice English white wine..


I also have been lucky enough to have been sent a copy if the new ottolenghi book by my attorney.. I think he’s trying to tell me something about lowering the meat intake perhaps ?? Good book though! Thanks! IMG_7037.JPG







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  1. Nothing like comfort food when you get back after being away! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the photo of a VEGETARIAN cookbook in your post – but it’s ok – it was a gift! It is a great book – got mine the other day and can’t get over the salads!! Waiting to see the “Mr Fitz twists Ottolenghi” posts next…


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