Porky schnitzel

You gotta love a good schnitzel .. Not the veggie ones though.. Sorry.. Not even for Christmas..

That soft porky goodness giving way to buttery crunchiness.. Slightly peppery for us.. I remember my gutless taste if a schnitzel in Germany.. Veal I think., wonderful I recall!

And just how blinkin easy huh?

Take some red ticket loin of pork .. beat it with a meat hammer inside a plastic bag , drench it through a burford buff egg that has been whisked and stock powder added for flavour..

I went for a mix of the classic orange crumbs ( I remember father used to do the plaice in them., good memories!).. With panko also.. Added crunch I am reckoning..

Just a single dip .. Then fried in beef dripping and lurpack spray stuff .

Just till golden.. The crumb takes longer than the meat..

Baby new spuds.. Boiled and a bag is salad leaves wilted in a pan above the boiling water.. Seasoned of course plus some unsalted French butter ..

Mixed together.. Crushed up.. This is seriously the best way if eating a whole bag o salad..

Put together and enjoyed ta very muchly !!

Superb supper ., cheap as could be..











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  1. One of the best ideas I’ve heard in a while . . . . mix your salad greens with potatoes . . . . I am not into raw salad greens at all! WE used to tell my son when he was little when he asked what he was eating . . . “it’s broccoli schnitzel” or “(fill in the blank) schnitzel” because he loved pork schnitzel so much . . . we figured if we fried anything in bread crumbs he would eat it, and he did! this really looks good fitz!


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