Red pork & Japanese easy noodles

I haven’t made red pork for ages.. I forget how much I like it.. Particularly the ones hanging in the windows in Chinatown .. Ooh those the ducks and piggies are just the best meat adornments ever for a store window!

Yet when I saw the red ticket loins it had to feature!

We are very lucky to have a really good ASEAN superstore near us so things like the packet to make the red pork become easy! Just whopped up with water and the medallions of loin popped in for a few hours .. It’s a this one this and I suppose minus the amount if sugar and salt it’s pretty healthy for you? No weird numbers or scientific words in the ingredients.. And the red comes from beetroot.

That done ..into a quite hot oven for 18 minutes.. 18? Yeah.. I felt out was done then! What always amazes me is how this marinade penetrates all the way through the meat. I suppose I shouldn’t have outed the remaining marinade over it as it kinda just boiled perhaps ? Yet with the lack of fat on the pork there was no chance of a crisping..

Eaten two pieces whilst far too hot..

Sliced up another couple to go with some Japanese fried noodles with bean sprouts and tamari.. That was lunch..

Delicious too!







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14 replies

  1. I love the ‘reduced’ sticker! I’d buy anything with that on it – unfortunately it doesn’t always turn out quite so well. Thanks fro bringing it along to the party!!


  2. I’ve never heard of red pork, but I love Asian food so will have to look for it at our Asian store.


  3. Oh, I just love this stuff, Mr. Fitz, but have never thought of actually making it! You rock! 😀


  4. I was stocking up in the local Asian supermarket this week too!! Love it 🙂 thank you for bringing this to this weeks Fiesta Friday


  5. Another great meal idea from you Mr Fitz! Always so interesting to see your foodie finds and what you do with them. Happy Fiesta Friday!


  6. Thanks for the samples. They were indeed delicious. Great nibbles on their own. Keep em comin. 😉



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