#blythburgh bangers with Dijon leek and potato mash, peas and bistogravy #comfortfood #powerdownfordinner

Sometimes you just need a big food hug .. And what better than a good mash.. This one made from boiling leeks with the red potatoes and mashing them with unpasurised butter, sea salt, white pepper and Dijon mustard..


The sausages are made by a pal of mine.. I really must make some soon it’s been ages! 

They are chipolatas made with excellent free range blythburgh pork.. And baked they are delicious! 

They smell sweet and savoury all in one go.. 

Like the bisto kids used to sniff the air! 


Well that was me and the hounds for sure!

And the gravy? Well old school bisto powder and a little beef stock jelly.. 

You really cannot beat bisto gravy powder.. It has such an evocative smell and taste.. and all in a good way! 
Frozen peas finish this off.. 


And the pot of gravy on the side.. 

Yeah.. That’s a #foodhug right there.. 👐 

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  1. Bisto gravy reminds me of my mum’s home cooked dinners as a kid. Everything tasted so comforting! I rarely use it now but whenever I do its like aaahhhhhh home!
    Tania @ http://www.thegammonkitchen.wordpress.com

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