Morroccan hogget chops, first season #jerseyroyal potatoes, Chinese greens

I get really excited when the first jersey royal potatoes arrive in the store.. If you are unaware of the magic of these potatoes have a look at this link here..

You may know the variety as international kidney potatoes ? If you can then do indeed seek them out.. They just make you smile.. 

Simply lightly scrubbed under running reverse osmosis water., boiler till tender a lite torn coriander, flaky salt and unpasteurised butter.. A simple yet delightful thing.. 


The hogget chops.. Hang on.. What is hogget again? Ok..

Hogget is a lamb over one year old yet not old enough to be a sheep.. Umm think teenager perhaps? 

Often discard into an alternate food chain or ground up and disguised as saying merging else in food production as the meat can start to become quite tough for any ‘delicate’ cooking.. And let’s face it lamb is often seen as a delicate meat right?

Yet hogget is wonderful when it’s from a nicely treated free spirited and free wandering type of affair .. 

And this was hogget I scored from my pal Ben remember?
So if you didn’t fancy clicking that link.. The meat is from a one year and one week old animal.. 

Defrosted on the defrost I plate.. 

Rubbed with big red rub spice mix .. 

Summer until you can summer no longer…

Left to get its groove on.. 

Then a sprinkle of excellent extra madonna olive oil.. And a heavy hand of smuggled essourian morroccan curry spice blend..

Cooked off in the iron pan..

The greens are tatsoi.. And simply steamed and anointed with a warmed up mix of all these things! 

Japanese soy sauce, Korean chilli sauce, Chinese oyster sauce, Japanese miso and sesame sauce.. Italian olive oil.. 

Just a little of that mixed up sauce goes a long way! 

A little water and some Italian honey added to the hogget chops pan to make a pan gravy.. 


And like the bestest food magician..


Stunningly tasty .. Stunningly..

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  1. What a tasty meal, Mr. Fitz. The Moroccan flavor must have been so good with the over-all dish! Yum! Thanks for sharing and it’s lovely to see you here at Fiesta Friday. 🙂

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