The Easter hogget, wild garlic salsa verde baby potatoes, sage and onion Yorkshire pud, bacon wrapped wedges and veggies with Hungarian salami.. YEAH!

easter lunch.. a lovely tradition.  And of course it simply has to be lamb, well this is to be precise, hogget.. Hogget? A sheep that is over one year old.. this one was one year and one week to be exact! 

A half shoulder defatted a little as this was a free range animal that walked about on the outdoors a fair bit..


Simply rubbed with herbs and shawarma spices and slow cooked in the creuset lid on for three hours at 170 real degrees.. yummy doodle dandy! 

The wild garlic was foraged in the morning and whizzed up with lemon rind, sherry vinegar, olive oil, anchovies, flat parsley and a sprinkle of dried oregano.. And it is seriously pungently lovely..

And when it hits the boiled and still warm baby potatoes.. 



with some baked potatoes leftover from the other days BBQ , they get wrapped in some streaky bacon, spritzed with olive oil and baked..

The Yorkshire pudding made up with three eggs.. Adding dried sage and onion granules, And baked in one piece.. 


And finally some boiled tender stem broccoli .. With some fried Hungarian salami for added flavour..


Now THAT is a delicious Easter lunch for sure! 

(Didn’t bother making it look too ‘pretty’.. as it was mouthwateringly divine!).. 

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  1. That’s a huge spread for sure….

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