Spit roast lamb breasts , salsa verde, pico de gallo & piada

I suppose this was born outta part-inspiration .. Inspiration by watching the excellent Rick Steins adventures.. Venice to Istanbul .. A great show not just the food yet the sheer obvious pleasure he gets from watching it get made.. And there has been a number of spit roast lambs in the series so far.. 

This I suppose is partly inspired.  

Lamb breast is one of those pieces of meat that many avoid.. It is indeed a curious ratio of meat to fat.. And takes some cooking to get it tasty .. It is though a lovely thing to eat. Great when sliced and fried in crumbs.. Or like this.. 

Two deboned lamb breasts.. 


Rose harrisa and Iranian mixed herbs.. Salt of course too.. 

Then the two pieces later on top of each other.. Some mint concentrate and some Turkish seasonings sprinkled ..

 All rolled up and tied up with string before going into the rotisserie .. 


Left at 150 for almost three hours.. Indirect heat for most of it.. Then a little heat under it to crackle it up a bit… It needs a good stabbing too .. Just to release some of that fat.. 

A thing of mighty beauty..


Chopped up and served up with piada breads, salsa verde.. (Made what with coriander, parsley, mint, capers, garlic, anchovies and horseradish mustard.. All whizzed up.. 

 And also a pico de gallo.. 


Lip smacking fresh tastes.. The pico de gallo with the herbs, red onion,  tomatoes and a great squeeze of Mexican lime juice.. 

Some lettuce and spring onion..




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7 replies

  1. Nice mate! There is something just poetic about meat on the spit. Some that appeals maybe to our caveman sensibilities. You sure eat well over here. How do you not get fat!

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  2. What a royal treat! I can just smell that lamb from across the pond.

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  3. Oh shit! Lamb breasts on the spit – now that is a cracking idea 👌

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