Tasty Things with minced/ground lamb.. 

I was lucky enough to have access to a few kilos of lamb.. Great quality with a good fat to meat ratio.. And we all know that’s all important! 

So what to make? 

There is a Thai dish we really enjoy.  Laab namtok, so let’s start there! 

The mince is cooked in quite a curious way.. It’s kinda fried in water.. Lamb into uncle bens wok.. With water.. 


Adding garlic and ginger paste.. Chopped Coriander root , spring onions and pink shallots.. 
Then the seasoning.  


It’s stunning!! 

Adding fish sauce to taste.. 


A final flourish of fresh chopped coriander.. 


Certainly a tasty dish.. Boxed up it will make a great supper during the week.. 

Now then.. The rest of the lamb? 

Keema , queema, that great dish! 

Fried off the lamb with chopped pink onion, garlic and ginger paste,  Some water , potatoes, and the seasoning.  

Adding coriander , peas and a splash of water.. 


To go with this it has to be flatbreads.. 

Atta gold flour, simply mixed with warm water into a dough .. 


Simply rolled out and cooked on the iron pan.. 


Yup scrummy indeed.. With a dollop of lebenese yoghurt.. 


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  1. A post that starts
    “I was lucky enough to have access to a few kilos of lamb.. ”
    HAS to be from Mr Fritz!!
    Emma 🙂

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  2. You always make me hungry Mr. Fitz, both dishes look delicious.

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  3. You make it look so easy! So fragrant I bet. Yum!

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  4. love namtok here in thailand shame good lamb is hard to get would love to try your version

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