Roast top rump of beef and the trimmings

a bit late in posting this.. 

I prepared it.. Mrs Fitz cooked it.. 

The new season king Edward potatoes boiled to help the process.. Then cooled on a rack and dusted in fine semolina to ensure crispness.. 

The yorkshires made by following Delia’s recipe.. Done came out good others not so.. I think the seal is going on out overworked oven.. ( in fact I know it is as it leaks some steam!).. Keeps temp though have checked that.. 

The red ticket piece of top rump rubbed Marco Pierre White stylee.. A veg stock cube and a beef stock cube mixed up into a paste with regular Mrs middletons oil .. Then rubbed all over.. 


More Mrs middletons straight up oil to cook the spuds.. 

 (The beef sitting above it on the oven rack just dripping goodness a over them!) 🎯👐 cooked according to Hugh.. 

That’s not ‘fashionable’ splodges it’s years of abuse.. Ahem ..   

Cabbage from my pal Vince from his allotment via the church.. Plus some frozen peas.. And a little caraway seed with butter.. 

A gravy of miso, beef stock and oyster sauce.. 

Yorkshires warmed .. Beef carved .. And a dollop of mustard with horseradish.. 


Cracking supper!!! Crackalackin!  

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  1. Beautiful! I went to a Marco Pierre White restaurant in London on four different occasions and it was always perfect. It was called L’Escargot, and it’s now either closed or was sold. He certainly knows how to run a restaurant. Love him!

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