Vegan ‘burgers!’

yeah you read that right .. 

Vegan burgers.. 

Can you actually call burgers vegan? Dunno,, 

What you can say is they I am not a fan of any of those processed mad full of strange ingredients that then become a suitable meat replacement .. Fake bacon? Really? 😦 those rockstar ex wife ‘sausages’? 

Cmon people’s! Get realeo please ! 

(And yes realeo is indeed a word..😉)

Yet what’s the story behind these then huh? 

Well a good pal of mine asked if I could come up with a number for a do he was catering for , naturally (ahem)., of course I could! Did you know that my mama is in fact a vegan? And that as a child I also was? Thats #groundbreakingnews huh? 

Well ., I wanted these to rock more than a stay in any of the hard rock hotels.. And even more than hitting them up in an Amsterdam cafe.. 

Did I get a t-shirt? Nope .. Yet just wait.. I can see the future.. And it’s gonna be so bright we will all require sunglasses and forks.. Maybe  chopsticks too ,, definitely knapkins .. 

Do of course I started with a chat with the google gods, and then a bunch of bloggers.. None of them really getting me in the groove.. 

They did though make me think of a few things.. They need to be UBER tasty .. And organic of course.. As much as poss.. Yet tasty is where we are at.. Now taste for these kinda things I think needs Middle eastern ideas.. Crossed up with South American twists.. So let’s go for it huh? 

Beginning with chick peas., jarred yet the need skinning.. Can you buy them skinned? It’s painful! 


Yet it’s a job worth doing right..  Then hitting them up with smuggled ras hanout spices .. Gone from easouria to amsterdam to me.. Thanks Father! 
Plus Bristol blend pepper for a taste of the colonies.. And smokey paprika .. 


Hmm .. What else? Some coriander dried.. Vegemare salt.. And probably other things.. Just play as you wish.. The smokey paprika is the kiddie though.. Makes it ‘bacony?’ Perhaps .  Mrs Fitz reckoned so.. And she has great taste buds .. Untainted by the Marlborough cowboy! 

Smashed up and some baked sweet potatoes scooped out and added.  Now that’s the bulk and flavour profile., yet lets ensure that there are multiple levels! Right?
Ok .. We now have a pan of smush.. Tasty smush yet smush none the less., so adding semolina flour to harden them up in the fridge (aka magic oven) 🎯


They are good.. Yet not holding there own in the taste test., ahh the taste is there yet the extra piece my pal requires to add them to his rather laa-dee-dahh gig . Is missing.. Well it is in my world! 

So dust them in Lebanese falafel mix.. Pimped with more smuggled morrocan spices.. 

Then fried in straight up Mrs middletons oil., with uncle Ben of course! 


One by freakin one., this is a newbie though that needs that kinda of love .. 


It works though.. 


With a few straight up falafel with the remaining mix.. 


Now do I have that money shot? You know he one.. The one where it sits in the brown bun.. Salad and dressing all looking cool as feck.. 

Umm no.. Sorry .. Yet I got great feedback .. They all went ., and as always with these types of things not just by the actual vegans! Although they got first dibs. .. 

Well at least I got paid in these harder than normal times.. And there is no chance that they were expecting such a delight! ( freakin tasty.. I tell ta..).. 

Make them again? Yeah sure.. Make  fortunes outta them? Doubt it! ., just coz… (That’s for you father 😏)., hehehe.. 

Was proud of them though 


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12 replies

  1. Looks like you’ve caught up on the meat since the vegan days! No money shot but the description is enough! Agree that fake sausage/bacon/cheese is useless.

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  2. Shocked!! You were a vegan? Love these burgers, thanks for sharing with FF#84

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shocking, Vegan Mom, veggie burgers. I am loving your versatility and also learning more about you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Now that’s quite a few unexpected revelations about you, in just one post! Thanks for surprising us in styl this FF, Mr Fitz – the patties look delicious, btw – I might need to come back to them when such a situation arises …
    Happy FF!

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  5. Rebel son!!!! The pimped “burgers” looked good!

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  6. No, you might not make a small fortune ( though Linda Mc sausages etc make a good living). My point is having a non-meat alternative is essential these days. And as you saw, meat eaters sometimes also prefer to eat vegetarian. (Are meat-eaters who eat vegetarians green cannibals?)

    Liked by 1 person

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