‘Turk-esque’ piad pizza type wrap thingy 

Well shucks I didn’t know quite what to call it.. 

if think the base as being a Turkish pizza.. basically lightly spiced ground meat in top of a pizza base only thinner and not crispy? Confused .. hmm possibly.. well it looks like this…

 and we get good store bought ones luckily… I let chef ping get ok with the reheat.. 

happy out though? Ooh yes indeedy.. 

starting with a salsaly affair.. 

Banana shallots, sunbleached tomatoes, roasted red peppers, fresh tomatoes, capers.. lime and garlic.. SLAM! (ahem)… 

then one of the joys of having a fabulous catering business is the few scraps of leftovers .. this time a freezer forage found some gyros kebab.. 

Pimped up with some ginger umami paste.. some sabzhi pollo herbage .. adding water .. letting it ‘boil’ hard until it then fried off to.. a brilliant way of cooking this kind of meat in my book.. also with the added beauty of being able to do it from frozen.. (do you wanna build a snowman?)… 

then it’s assembly time.. umm ok that doesn’t take long… 

Very important to add the sour pomegranate sauce.. and some shredded lettuce as then you are eating salad too right? 

And then.. we’ll pretty simples.. 

just get it into your bloodstream..

This kinda #fabulousfood makes me smile.. 

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