Lamb chops saag, chicken an black eye bean, makhani dhal, stuffed parathas …

Sometimes it’s great to have a bunch of things you dig.. actually it’s always good to have a bunch of #fabulousfoods that you dig.. 

And these we dig…

First up.. the lamb chop number 

Marinating the English lamb chops in spices of Saudi origin .. some Indian green chilli,hard tomato, and banana shallots..

Into the big Dutch oven..

After a little while adding a can of spinach ..

A final flourish of carrots and butter.. plus fresh fenugreek.. ( it’s the fenugreek that rocks this).. 

ok.. while that was getting its groove on.. its chicken time..

Chopped thighs .. a jar of spice courtesy of the patak family.. and finally a can of drained black eyed beans.. oh and butter of course..

Onto the makhani dhal.. well makhani esque.. couldn’t get my maple beans.. so instead beluga lentils, and a can of mixed beans.. I love canned beans.. they just work.. no pre soak.. just try to avoid the ones with too many firming agents! 

For the spices? Umm secret I am afraid . ( not actually afraid, just not saying.. 👍).. think of butter and cream too though! It does lack the smokiness of a charcoal piece.. yet hohum..

Onto the star.. 

the parathas.. 

we just LOVE parathas ..mainly for breakfast.. 

chapati flour .. salt and water..

A mix made of boiled potatoes , peas, onions, garlic masala, mango powder and fresh fenugreek.. 

the dough made up rolled out.. filling placed in.. folded up .. rolled out.. cooked on the iron flat pan.. 

Freakin awesome brothers and sisters.. freakin awesome..

All popped on the plate 

And the best thing of all?

Naturally I have made more than enough.. so a few food parcels for the neighbours and lots of fabulous leftovers.. 


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  1. That’s such a delicious spread…so full of flavourful spices and rich, bold flavour combinations


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