Pot roast brisket weather 

Ok.. so agreed that it’s not that wintery where we are ..

Yet that is no excuse for not having low and slow cooked dishes.. 

brisket.. let’s say it together.. brrriiissskettt .. yeah! ( I was going to turn this into salt beef.. yet decided instead on the use up fridge pot roast.. 

into the crockpot went onions , chestnut mushrooms, sticky beef stock and oyster mushroom sauce.. a little water.. it went on for five hours.. after four hours a couple of cans went in.. 

cans? Huh?

Yup indeedy ..

I have a liking for canned veggies at times.. in particular those greyed out french petit pois.. although we are outta them right now.. so its a can of sliced carrots , a can of garden peas.. and check this out… a can of new potatoes .. brilliant! 

That all looks like this ..

And the brisket?

Like this..

Not quite butter soft yet easily cutable ( yes that is a word)… 

with some bread and butter..

Now you gotta admit.. that’s one seriously #fabulous supper right?

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2 replies

  1. Excellent job Mr. F. Though we would part company at the tinned veg. Each to their own.


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