Chilli Crab twirly pasta 


Crab? for Mr Fitz? Really?

Nah it was for Mrs Fitz…she likes it.. 

And it’s an easy number.. 

Taking a pot of red ticket crab pate.. Yup crab pate.. A chilli and some garden Greek basil, lemon juice and parsley..

Boiled up twisty pasta.. A very good Italian one..

Mix up those together..


The warmth of the pasta will heat this mix through.. 


And toast up some garlic butter baguette slices from the top freezer.. Drizzled with fantastic Greek olive oil.. And thick balsamic vinegar..

Massive carb attack for Mrs Fitz! ( like snorting a load of crushed valium)!! ( I do not recommended that in any way!).. 

For me? 

I had twirly pasta with some defrosted laab namtock..

Check out my new hat too! 

Cool uh? It has a propeller on it! 



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  1. Love the pasta. Undecided about the hat.

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