spatchcocked Tandoori chicken made easy 

tandoori chicken.. Always a winner.. Chicken I see as the other white meat instead of the piggies really .. Even getting the best of them that you can lay your hands on doesn’t really tickle my tastebuds.. Yet for some reason i am indeed quite partial to a little snaffle of tandoori chicken, ( of course we are skipping southern fried in this mix…that’s a wholenother story!).. 

Mrs Fitz had kindly pre marinated it by snipping out the back bone slashing it up and adding the spices , ginger and garlic pastes and culinary yoghurt.  

It got roasted straight on the bars of the oven . Just get over your ocd’s.. It’s an oven.. 


It’s glorious! 

With some uncle bens med rice mixed up with some puy lentils.. 

And a good chopped salad.. 


Oh and the last of the lebneh yoghurt..and a small piece of paratha..  Man that stuff is good! And as it’s probably my only dairy source apart from butter kinda useful too! 

Let’s all sing it…. 



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  1. Wits the recipe details?looks glorious

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