Zatar Bread balls and samosa chaat-ish

with my body still getting over @meatopiauk simple eating was required.. 

Simple writing is also required .. Ahem .. 👼

First the doughballs.. So easy.. This was half a pack of good ciabatta bread mix (there really are very good ones with no nasties out there..)

Mixed up with water.. Topped with smuggled urfa pepper and olive oil and left to rise while a couple of pints were had in the local pub .. 

Returning and rolling them into balls.. Dusting with semolina flour too .. 

Baked in the oven for thirty minutes.. 


Served up with excellent aged balsamic and great Greek olive oil.. 

The samosa chaat-ish was even easier.. 

Thanks to Mrs Fitz we had a few samosas to hand.. 


They were baked to warm..  
And with a salad of green onion, romaine lettuce ,Italian cucumber, fresh tomatoes and chat masala (which once you get over the smell is darn tasty!).. 

And these fantastic chickpeas from Jamie Oliver.. They are mixed with spices and brown rice.. And very very tasty indeedo! 👍

 Chef ping dealt with them for us.  And a mint lebneh dip made up using podina mix.. Plus The sauce that came with the samosas.. 
Does it look that pretty? 


Possibly not.. 

Is it really lipsmackingky lovely? 

Yes indeedy.. 

Simple food simple post.. Just what is required.. 

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