Proper Irish lamb stew? 


So there are a zillion ways that people tell you to make Irish stew…

As Mrs Fitz is 100% Irish it makes it even more difficults.. 

This is my version for this outing.. 

First there should be far more veggies than meat.. Let’s think frugal here.. ( or that you actually didn’t realise that there was not as much neck lamb fillet in the container that you froze as you thought.. Ahem.. )..

Fry it.. 


See is small!

And add all these veggies ..

Peeled and sealed plus adding sauce flour ( yes there is indeed such a thang!).. 


Into the slo cooker for two journeys.. The first for seven hours on low.. 

 Then reheated on high the next day for another two hours.. 

May the gods bless the crockpot!


Served up with some garlic bread Drizzled with thick expensive balsamic and Greek organic olive oil..  .. ( it’s the future right..?! Ahem.. 😏)

Mrs Fitz is not convinced that celery works.. I personally dig it.. 


Brilliant supper!  

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