Middle eastern feasting

After all that making of baba ghanoush , tabbouleh , fattoush, and a fougasse .. It’s time to eat!

What a spread!!

Yet wait…

Hold the page!!…

Where’s the meats?

Aha I gotcha !

I picked up some fantastic Turkish lamb from the market when I went to get the herbs and lemons .. It wasn’t the cheapest yet a small tub of this wonderfully marinated and charred lamb is just the bizness for this supper.. It’s delightful !

Also the last of the sirloin.. All fat removed.. It needed to be removed !

Marinated in pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil ..

Cooked both so quick it was scary.

The lamb just needed a reheat. The steak the smallest of sizzles..

Now we can feast.. A few freezer pittas to help out..

It was a joy to eat.. So clean tasting..

Fresh flavours, zinging and singing away in our mouths..

All the salads worked, the fattoush had come together perfectly , the baba a little lemony yet so much better than the store bought stuff. The tabbouleh ? Well Mrs Fitz loved this.. so that’s a great thing..

The meats? Just pulled it all together.

Great food.. Hardwork.. yet great food.. And even better leftovers as those flavours come together in the fridge!

Must remember to take the koftas out of the freezer.. IMG_6535.JPGIMG_6536.JPGIMG_6538.JPGIMG_6541.JPG


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18 replies

  1. Now that is my type of spread for sure!!! Thanks for the invite! 🙂


  2. Glad you brought the meat – the easy part, but often the superstar. Looks like a great meal.


  3. Aha, finally the meat resurfaced! I knew if I stayed long enough eventually it’d make an appearance. Lol. Mahvelous spread!


  4. Some of my favorite dished!


  5. What a fabulous feast!!! I find that Lebanese food requires a lot of chopping and peeling and blending…but it’s always worth it!


  6. Wow, wow, wow! I’m hanging out at this table for the rest of the night! You rock! 😀


  7. Yes that is one impressive spread you made, sheesh! Great looking sirloin crust there!



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