Chine-easy pork balls

with a slight glut of pork loins.  (Yeah I got too many on a special!) 😏

And not wanting to freeze them all.. Needed an easy tasty treat.. 

I am a huge fan of Chinese deep fried meat donuts.. (Apart from the prawn ones of course!).. These days though the ones I get near us are a bit nasty.. A meat to outer ratio that just ain’t right.. 

So making them from scratch is the bestest option.. 

First boil the chopped pieces in water spiked up with star anise ginger and garlic , bay and peppercorns.. 

Let it cool .. 

Meanwhile whoop up a batter.. I go for  100 grams of self raising flour , a teaspoon of baking powder old water and some Chinese pepper salt it has pepper, salt, Chinese cassia and licorice .. And is very tasty! The batter needs to chillax a while..half an hour in the fridge is good,add a tablespoon of this sauce to the pork.. Or anything else you fancy or just leave it plain Jane.. 

 then add the pork..

Fried in regular Mrs Middletons oil.. 


Keep going in batches.. ( had some batter left over so dropped some shrooms in it too)


Aahhh wahhhh lahhhh 


I forget to take a shot of the sweet and sour sauce.. Was tasty indeed though! Shop bought yet pimped with sesame oil, seasoned rice vinegar and love.. 

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  1. Chine-easy… I like what you did there. Nice work my friend 🙂

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  2. Good afternoon, Mr F! After nominating you for the Leibster Award, I realized you’re probably way past all that stuff and have been nominated a gazillion times before – but then you haven’t ever been asked to answer MY questions 😉


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